Antti in the Arctic 2014

From beginning of February 2014 until end of May 2014 I’ll head to the fells of the northern most continental Europe to shoot the winter of the arctic and sub-arctic. Right until summer arrives. Four months in Northern-Finland, Northern-Norway and Northern-Sweden. The most barren fells and the stormy Arctic Ocean.

My adventure has a purpose. It is to raise awareness of the Arctic heritage that we hold at our fingertips. It is endangered and cornened with no espace. Climate change will take it’s toll and we are going to loose a part of our glorious nature but many treasures still survive up on the wind blasted tundra and by the Arctic Ocean. Hidden from the general public these jewels of mother nature have quietly become threatened. This is where I can help You.

I bring fresh stories from those white snow fields and storm chased fell tops. Skiing mostly solo I’ll take to the most remote wilderness areas of the North and reveal the beauty of the untouched wilderness through my photography. During the winter and upcoming spring I’ll update this blog regularly and provide understanding of the life in the Arctic.




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