Spring just around the corner?

Ravens in dusk over fell plateau.

Is spring time already up at 70 degrees? Betterridge’s law of headlines argues that the answer would be no. Yet the signs are in the air – literally. The ravens are playing in the skies strengthening their marital statuses and markings in the river valleys reveal that the foxes are in heat. The air over the fells is colored from the sun rays scattering from the moisture of the evaporating snow. The unseasonally high temperatures suggest that spring could arrive once more a little ahead of schedule.

Up on the fells winds dictate the snow conditions. Plus centigrades have touched even the higher elevations and the skiing conditions vary accordingly. Where the wind blows violently the slopes can be pure ice with nice patterns of wind packed and shaped  snow here and there.

Wind shaped snow.

The days are getting longer markedly every week. With clear skies the twilight begins already around 5 am and ends just after 7pm. Bring sunglasses, the exposure meter of your camera will give you super fast shutter speeds at low ISOs indicating an abundance of light. However sunny days have been scarce. High winds and snow showers here and there have been a norm. This year everyone traveling in the fells should be very aware of the potential avalanches.

Skis under arctic skies.

A friend of mine asked me, how come I always end up seeing auroras and beautiful natural phenomena and she doesn’t although she lives here up North? Two things: 1) I am prepared and 2) willing to pay the price for it. See for yourself.

22 hours of work straight up and then ‘some’ skiing after a few hours sleep. Any given day.

Next up Sarek national park in the Swedish side of Samiland.

–  Antti


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