Ready, Set, GO!

Training camp in Sotkamo, February 2014.
Training camp in Sotkamo, February 2014.

Off we go 🙂 A week and a half late of the schedule but given the magnitude of preparations required to make the adventure happen this was well expected. Here’s an executive summary of my upcoming Arctic expedition.

I’ll first be working solo for about a month right where the deep blue ice cold Arctic Ocean meets the wind bitten tundra . I am expecting nothing but very hard work 🙂 And of course Auroras! It’s hard to really explain what it is like to shoot in the arctic winter conditions, but it is roughly 95% surviving the elements and 5% shooting. Especially working solo since you can’t out source anything in the field.

In March I’ll join an expedition to Sarek Nationalpark in Sweden. The expedition will be lead by a young yet experienced explorer Jaakko ‘Korpijaakko’ Heikka. ( Then hopefully the best skiing of my life as March turns to April and the dark winter nights become nothing but distant memories. I’ll be conducting yearly monitoring of the known arctic fox dens around this time in Northern Finland and barring possibilities I hope I can take you with me and post live updates from the middle of the wilderness. I’ll get back to that later.

In May it’s gonna be just gliding on perfect snow under the midnight sun! Can you imagine that :O Some interesting things happen around that time as the nature explodes in life.

I’ll update the blog as often as possible. But now, into the wild 😀 It’s gonna be intense trying to again adapt to the fact that you can’t really control anything out there.




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