To Siberia and back :)

Sunset in Viipuri in Karelian Isthmus in Russia close to Finnish boarder. The first night of our trip.

A round-trip to Siberia completed! We took the Trans-Siberian train to Irkutsk and went to Lake Baikal to enjoy the beauty of the Central Southern -Siberia. What and amazing country with supremely vast and rich nature! I was amazed by the sheer beauty of the nature behind the Ural mountains and the scale of everything from the crop fields to the endless taiga forest as well as the vast steppes that our train pushed through day after another. And we barely just scratched the the surface! WOW!

The Trans-Siberian train took us roughly via Helsinki – Sankt-Peterburg – Moscow – Kazan – Ekaterinburg – Omsk – Novosibirsk – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk and then we jumped into a boat to get to Lake Baikal. Later we took on the wings of Aeroflot to get back home Irkutsk – Moscow – Helsinki. Everyone flying to or from Irkutsk are better of knowing that the runway is rather bumby 😉

I have roughly 15 000 photos sitting on my hard drives from The Mediterranean Sea, The Arctic Ocean and Siberia from the past month and a half so be patient. I’ll put up stuff later on my website. Later really meaning sometime this fall since I can hear The Arctic Ocean calling my name once again 😉

Until later,


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