Behind the Scenes – Home Away from Home

Earlier I wrote an article about Hiking and Photography. In that article I only talked about hiking in summer time. Here are some photos from behind the scenes in winter conditions. Home away from home.

Transportation by skies. Method of carrying load either a sled or a backpack depending on the terrain.


#2 In case you are in tundra dig yourself a wind wall / cover. When the storm blasts by it’s nice to sleep in safety 🙂




Above the tent is dug into the south facing hill side so that the wind blasting from north won’t be an issue.

Then just wait for the lights and in the mean while do what ever passes the time like perfecting the home away from home.


Shoot the light. In the polar night light is a scarce resource. You can spend it by either photographing or moving from one location to another. If however it’s clear skies and moonshine, you have lots of time to do both.


In case it’s stormy, you have plenty of time to enjoy the excellent fell cuisine that you hopefully brought with you 😉 Note the direction of the snow in the second picture below – 20 m/s.



Small things matter. A) Be aware of your surroundings, B) allocate your time to shooting and moving based on the quality of light available and C) be prepared. Opportunities don’t usually happen by a chance.




Happy mid winter!



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