300km in the tundra of Samiland

From snow storms to +20 heat I got to walk in the beauty of Samiland. The fells are starting to blossom and the cloudberrys to bloom all but on the most barren fells. The tundra looked just like over half a year ago when it waited for the snow cover but for one thing – the lemmings had all perished. Less Rough-legged Buzzards, Long-tailed Skuas and Owls.

For the Arctic foxes this will be a tough year. It seems that the lemming cycle managed to survive up until snow melt and then it came to an end. Due to supply of food until late spring Red foxes have already litters in some of the old Arctic fox dens in the fells. Later this summer this means more competition for the smaller supply of food when the yound Red foxes start to hunt themselves.

The following several weeks is the most vulnerable period in many birds’ breeding seasons so I am withdrawing down from the fell plateaus. The last week was already too much walking zik zak trying to avoid Skuas, Waders, Ptarmigans and what not worrying after their nest or even small chicks.

In the mean while we’ll be cooking something new and fresh 😉

Iloista keskikesää!



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