This might be no more

Canadian mining company Dalradian Resources has reserved mineral rights at the heart of Samiland combined 5% of the total land mass of Norway. The majority of the reserved areas are located in Kárášjohka (Karasjok) and Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino) municipalities right at the heart of the most essential water resources for the most important wild salmon river of Europe, Deatnu. The area is also the most important reindeer herding area in Samiland.

Rights for prosperity and clean environment are at risk.

Deatnu river is not only the most important wild salmon river of the whole Europe but the blood vessel of Samiland. It brings prosperity and life in the middle of the wind blasted mountain plateaus and barren fells. A mine along one of its upstream veins will likely destroy the whole delicate ecosystem of the river, spread toxic waste and bring dirt downstream and eventually leave no space for salmon.

Stupidity like this has been done before. Once an exlusive salmon and a holy Sami river Álttáeatnu (Altaelva) was harnessed for hydroelectric power production in 1981 despite wide resistance only to realize afterwards that the project was not necessary for Norwegian power production.

The rights to search for ore for such a vast area at the heart of indigenous Sámi is not only short sighted in a land that took thousands of years to develop but also conflicts with ILO principles and the Sámi people rights for their own land and their way of living. The rights for reindeer herding and salmon fishing are at risk.

Mining industry rips the revenues and leaves the land lifeless.

The now reserved concentrations of gold are a part of the same greenstone belt the Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited is mining currently in Kittilä Finland. The belt runs through Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness area and Dalradian Resources mineral rights extend right at the border of this important wilderness area in Finland. On Norwegian side the mineral rights surround the Øvre Anárjohka nationalpark from west and north.

The history shows that it takes only a generation to fuck things up generously. Let’s not be the generation that will be looked upon as the dumb sons of bitches that destroyed something once so beautiful so irreversibly badly.



Free Sápmi

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