A blink of an eye

I have been fortunate to witness the true beauty of the Arctic in Samiland. The exlusive priviledge to watch the Arctic fox and the Snowy owl eye to eye up on the barren tundra is beyond imagination. Two of the most storied animals of our time in Samiland under the midnight sun and the freezing wind from the Arctic Ocean.

When I set on my quest to cover the vulnerability and uniqueness of this sacred land I dreamed of these moments.  Living these moments is better than dreaming of them a thousand times. So much better that sitting here writing about what I have experienced doesn’t feel real.

I have pushed myself to limit but done so with a smile on my face. My resources are limited but love for the wild endless. I have been on the verge of desperation but it only takes a blink of an eye to change everything.

Don’t be afraid to blink.



4 thoughts on “A blink of an eye”

    1. You don’t have to feel envious 😉 If we manage to study and protect the arctic fox to a degree that it becomes less endagered through out it’s habitat in Scandinavia, the changes that you will witness it’s super cuteness high at the mountain plateau will increase. The same applies to the snowy owl 🙂 If we pull it together, more people will be able to enjoy the magic at the fells.

  1. Hei Antti, onneksi olkoon. Upeita kuvia! Olen iloinen puolestasi – olet tehnyt työtä hienon aiheen parissa. En pääsen avajaisiin, mutta toivotan menestystä! t. (äitisi serkku) Maarit

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